Corgilicious is a blog for the corgi community, affectionately called Corgi Nation. Here, we collect fun photos, meme, comic, and corgi news. Corgi owners and fans are encouraged to submit their own items for publication as well. See our submission guidelines and submission form for more!

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Meet The Corgilicious Staff!

Corgilicious Ty

CEO: Puppy on a Roomba (Ty Coulter): Everything belongs to Ty, who doesn’t care much for sharing his stuff. Ty is the alpha corgi and oversees all website activity, especially if it has to do with fun, food, or bacon. He has advanced corgilicious certificates in bacon detection, toy testing and hoarding, and earthworm farming. These obviously make him well suited to oversee a website.





corgilicious eve

VP of Princessology: Corgi Eve (Eve Coulter): Eve makes everything look pretty. No need to anything more.






Corgilicious Secretary Mommy

Secretary Mommy (Carleen Coulter): Carleen has fingers that can type and has opposable thumbs. That is why she is here.

If you need to contact any of us, please contact Secretary Mommy, you know because of that whole opposable thumbs thing and all.


Meet Our Corgilicious Mascots!

Check back as we unveil our mascots and hold contests to name them!