Nine Corgis Who Are Ready For Christmas

Are you ready for the holidays? These corgis certainly are! Here are nine corgis who are ready for Christmas.

This corgi has his Santa hat and is ready to open presents!

christmas corgi

These corgi puppies can’t wait to open their gifts!

christmas present corgis

This is corgi Taffy, posting nicely by the Christmas tree. Photo credit: Alvin Trusty, Flickr Creative Commons.

christmas corgi picture

Gotta love a corgi in in a christmas sweater! Photo Credit Mary Phoenix, Flickr Creative Commons

corgi in a christams sweater

These corgis really like to get dressed up for the holidays! Photo Credit Mary Phoenix, Flickr Creative Commons

corgis dressed up for christmas


This corgi is patiently waiting for holiday gifts and treats. Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson, Flickr Creative Commons

corgi with christmas presents

Here is Taffy again, looking totally corgilicious! Photo credit: Alvin Trusty, Flickr Creative Commons.

holiday corgi photo

What a beautiful corgi pose by the corgilicious corgi Christmas tree!

corgi ready for christmas

Ty and Eve from Puppy on a Roomba and Corgi Eve wait to open their presents!

corgi christmas tree gifts

Is your corgi ready for the holidays? Submit a photo and show us!

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