Submission Form Help

Ready to submit something? Great! Here is some information about the submission form.

You do not need to know html!

The box for your content includes a visual editor for formatting and adding links. It is pretty easy to manage. Play with it a bit and you will see what it can do. .

If you have no text to add, and just want to submit a photo, you can leave the entire text area blank.

Photo Uploads

The ideal photo size is at 750 pixels wide. All photos should be at least 600 pixels wide to look the best. Photos should not be over 850 pixels wide if possible. photos larger than that will be automatically resized. they usually still look OK, but it is best to upload them under that if possible. For tips on resizing and doing cool things with your photos, see our submission tips and tricks page.

If you have a post with a lot of text or many, many photos, contact us about an author account. Trusted submitters may be illegible for access to our backend editor.

When Will My Post Be Up?

We try to put up posts daily, but sometimes life (or bacon) gets in the way. Please give us a day or two!

Want some tips on how to make good submissions? See these items!