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Submission Rules

These rules provide the basics of what you can and cannot submit to the site. Any submissions that violate these may not be published or may be removed.

(1) What you can submit: You  are welcome to submit your corgi photos, captioned photos (aka memes), comics, news stories, and articles. .

(A) Allowed Types of Self Promotion: Corgilicious seeks to help promote the corgi community!  If you have a personal blog or website, social media account, corgi rescue, animal related charity, or small hobby oriented business such as an etsy, zazzle, or cafe press shop, you are more than welcome to link to that and promote it in your submission. However, we do not accept promotional links from ecommerce  sites and brands. If you make a full-time living selling products and want to advertise on the site contact us for our rates. We also do not accept  submissions from SEO companies. Please do not include affiliate links in your submissions. We use software that overrides those.

(B) Family Friendly Please!: Corgilicious is a family friendly website. Thus, all submissions must be free of profanity and sexually explicit content. Use common sense!

(C) No Promotion of Puppy Sales or Stud Services: At Crogilicious, we believe that ethical breeders will not seek to sell puppies though websites such as this.  Thus, in the interest of responsible breeding, we do not accept anything promoting puppy sales or stud services.   We also do not accept paid advertising for puppy sales or stud services. However, if you are a rescue or shelter, you are more than welcome to to feature your corgis that are available for adoption.

(D) Don’t Spam: Yes, we know that spam tastes almost as good as bacon, but we don’t want it on our website. Use common sense. If you want to write about your etsy shop or cafe press items, that is great! You can even write about them again when you have a big sale or something new to say.  But if you start submitting daily posts about them that say essentially the same thing, there might a problem.  Now, simple photos or memes with your cute new puppy? Well, we might want a taste of  spam of that! Also, extra posts for charitable fundraisers are acceptable.

(E) About Those Fundraisers: We will make efforts to verify the validity of a fundraiser and will remove any that do not appear to be legitimate. However, we ultimately are not responsible for them. Please do not donate to items that you are unsure of. If you believe a fundraiser that has been posted is not legitimate, please contact us to let us know! We will not accept fundraisers for anything other than donations to corgis in need or for corgi rescues and charities.

 (E) Copyright Stuff: Ideally, use your own photos and words. If submitting photos you found on the web, make sure that you have permission to submit them or that they are truly public domain or creative commons items. Flickr creative commons has a ton of great corgi photos if you want some to use for comics or memes.  Here is a link to a Flickr corgi search for creative commons photos that allow your to modify, adapt, or build upon the work.  Please be sure to include a photo attribution link with your submission. We also give you permission to use any photos found on Puppy on a Roomba.   If a copyright problem arises, we will remove any items upon request of the original owner.

You retain full copyright in your material that you submit to Corgilicious. However, by submitting, you give us a license to use it on our site (of course, otherwise you would not have submitted it!) and on our social media pages in order to help promote your submission and the Corgilicious website.

Comment Rules
We welcome reader comments, however the use of profanity,and spam will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to full editorial control by deleting or editing comments as becomes necessary.  Likewise, mean-spirited attacks against other users will not be tolerated. Be nice to one another! If you are not, you will be banned and won’t get any bacon. Now, go have fun!!!