All of the Corgi Colors

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Do you know how many official and unofficial corgis colors exist? Did you know that there are differences between Pembroke welsh corgi colors and Cardigan corgi colors?  Here are the details on all of the corgi coat colors.

corgi coat colors

Pembroke Corgi Coat Colors

Pembroke corgis are the corgis you see that typically lack a tail in the United States. Either the tail is docked, or they might have a natural bob tail. In Europe Pembroke’s often will have their tail intact. Pembroke corgis are a bit more compact than Cardigan corgis and have a bit different head and ear shape as well. They are separate breeds.

Based on the AKC breed standard, There are 4 official Pembroke corgi colors.

  • Red: ranging from deep red to very light red (see Fawn below)
  • Sable: A red color with darker ticking
  • Black and Tan (aka tri color corgi): This is split further into black headed tri and red headed tri colors
  • Fawn: A light red shade

Typically, each corgi color will also include some white. While the inclusion of white is desirable, if there is too much white it is considered a fault in the breed standard.

Here is a look at each color.

Red and White Corgi

Red is the most popular corgi color and typically the dog is red and white. The red can range in darkness form a deep red similar to an Irish Setter, to a very light red, which is known as Fawn and is listed here as its own color.

Here is a nice red and white Pembroke corgi.

Red Pembroke welsh corgi




Sable Corgi

Sable corgis have a darker ticking to the tips of their fur, giving them additional color. Often red corgi puppies will appear sable, but turn more red over time.

sable corgi


Black and Tan Corgi: The Red Headed Tri Color Corgi

Black and Tan corgis come in both red headed and black headed versions. As puppies, they often look highly similar with the the red headed tri fading to red on the face over time. A trick of telling which one a puppy will be is to look at their ears. If the inside tips are red, they will become a red headed tri. If black, they will be a black headed tri.

Here is a lovely red faced tri color corgi.

read headed tri color corgi



Black and Tan Corgi: The Black Headed Tri Corgi

The Black headed tri is my personal favorite. My dear corgi Ty was a black headed tri. Here he is in my favorite photo of him.

black headed tri color corgi


The Fawn Corgi

Fawn is essentially a light red color corgi. My corgi Eve is a fawn. Here is a photo of her enjoying a treat in her kong.

fawn corgi



Unofficial Pembroke Corgi Colors

Unofficially, meaning that they are not part of the breed standard, there are these additional corgi colors:

  • Blue Merle Corgi
  • Red Merle Corgi
  • White Corgi
  • Bluie Corgi

Blue Merle and Red Merle Corgis

While merle is a recognized Cardigan corgi color, there is no such thing as a blue merle or red merle Pembroke corgi.  However, you will see red and blue merle corgis that look like Pembrokes. These are known as American Corgis and are bred by crossing a standard color Pembroke corgi with a merle Cardigan corgi or a merle Australian shepherd. They are becoming rather popular but they are not purebred corgis and are not an AKC recognized breed.

A cross between an Australian cattle dog and a Pembroke will also give some merle coloring and these dogs are known as cowboy corgis.

One danger of breeding merle corgis is that two merles should not be bred together as this can result in a double merle genetic flaw that can cause the puppies to be blind and/or deaf. Some unscrupulous breeders, especially puppy mill breeders, will do this in order to produce the maximum number of merle puppies. Beware of any breeder that does this or who advertises their merle puppies as purebred Pembrokes.



White Corgi

White corgis are rather uncommon and are likely the rarest corgi color. They are not albino, but rather are an extreme fawn color resulting from dilution of the red pigment. They also are known as silver corgis.  One famous white corgi is Winston the White corgi. I met Winston once at a blog conference! You can follow him on Instagram. Hey! while you are at it follow us on Instagram too!

Bluie Corgi, aka Blue or Bluey

The Bluie Corgi is a dilute corgi in which all pigment is diluted. This gives a tri color corgi a blue  or gray appearance.  These are rather rare and uncommon and are not recognized in the breed standard.

bluie corgi

Welsh Cardigan Corgi Colors

Cardigan corgis come in the following coat colors:

  • Black
  • Blue Merle
  • Brindle
  • Red
  • Sable

Like the Pembrokes,  Cardigan corgis often have white included in their coloring. The merle, red, and sable look very much like the Pembroke photos already included.

The brindle is a rather unique color. Cardigans also come is a combination of black and brindle. Here is a brindle cardigan corgi.

Brindle and white Cardigan Welsh Corgi

And here are three Cardigan corgis in bridle, black and red:

cardigan corgis in brindle black and red


Other Corgi Coat Facts

Corgis should have a double short-haired coat. They tend to shed a lot! My corgis typically blow out their undercoat every three to four  months.

There is a genetic fault that creates  a long haired corgi, typically known as a fluffy corgi. While this does not met the breed standard, they tend to be sought after as pets and I know many breeders who love their fluffy corgis.


Because they shed so much corgis need a fair amount of grooming. Using a deshedding brush or slicker brush works well with them.

And there you have it!  All of the corgi coat colors! What is your favorite color of corgi?

corgi coat colors


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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